Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tameka's First Day in School

She was a little above 3 years when she first joined school. All preparations were happening full flegedly. We were all so excited. Shopping for stationery, shoes and all stuff possible, infact even those that were not required for school. More than Tameka the two of us behaved more like kids. She behaved more mature. She didn't approve of whatever we picked up, she just picked up those that she really required, the rest she said she already had or that she didn't require those. Done with all the hullabaloo.

The D-day, all 3 of us got up excited, got ready and left to school. Of course the first day since birth, that my darling is to be away from me for 3 full hours. The moment we reached school my heart started thumping and I wanted to go back home. I asked my hubby dear if we could do that and got a chide as his reply. How I wished, some miracle to take place and we could get back home. All in vain, we were in front of her classroom. Her teacher took her from our arms like a monster taking away our lil one. How I wept, I felt like the ground was sinking beneath me. She was a little comfortable, one glance at my tearful face and she came running to me crying.

Her teacher asked me to leave the place atonce. Both of us stayed back for the 3 hours to take her home. The dreaded time passed at snails pace. Finally I saw her run into my extended arms to share my grief.Alas being her father's girl,she was already in his arms. Now she is to complete a year in school but still I hate to send her to school. Wish I could keep her with me, which I know is impossible.

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  1. - While I was waiting for Achu to go to school
    - Here is a mom who doesn't want to send her lil one to school!!!:)