Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tameka's First Stage Show

It is only a month since she joined school. Her instructor informs me about a fancy dress competition, that is to take place and that she has been chosen to participate. I have nothing against it, said fine, is there a theme to it or is any dress fine? She says its an inter-school contest and that only she has been picked from her class on behalf of all the four sections. I say, what, an inter-school and you trust her for that!!!!!!! I am shocked, not that she can't do it but the fact is that she's never ever performed in the midst of a crowd. I did panick but I was a proud mom. Her teacher guides me on what has to be done, her song, her clothes and all else. This information is given to me only 3 days prior to the event and I am to start everything afresh.

Buck up, I teach her a fairy song when she plays, when she sits, when she is fed and even the bathing time and the rest room times are not to be spared. Poor girl, she never does complain, infact she loves it. Relieved in a way cos her costumes are readily available with me. Now for the make-up kit, she is all excited to get one for herself. The hunt starts for a pair of white slip-ons, one, two, three, four shops done, but in vain. Finally at the seventh shop we get one, alas that is a bigger sized one. We have no choice, picked it up, just for a day, when worn with stockings, it looks just fine.

All done, the morning we get her dressed, get our handy cam and leave for that school. The event is said to start by 9a.m. I blame my poor husband for reaching the venue 10mins late. Hurriedly I put on her accessories and the lip gloss, the rouge and what not on her and enter the hall. None of her school teachers have arrived, God bless. We wait for half-an-hour, one hour and no the event is yet to start. The noise and the commotion created and the lack of ventilation, all put together gets on to my lil one's nerves. She wants to leave the place immediately. Finally her event is announced at 11:30a.m and her name is called at 12:15. Now she plain refuses to go on stage, we finally give in and bring her back home.

I was so disappointed but wonder how these schools could be so indifferent when it comes to hosting such inter-school competitions. They don't take care to see to it that proper amenities are available to host such shows.

That was a good learning experience for my daughter and thereafter any challenge that comes her way, she just grabs those opportunities with both her hands and she does a very good job on stage. I get so thrilled when she goes on stage. Love you baby.